My Journey to Self-Publishing Part 1: Discovering Self-Publishing

As many of you may know, I am a nurse, and have been for almost 7 years. I had my daughter at a young age, and wanted to pursue a career that offered a steady income, and opportunities for growth. I also happened to enjoy helping other people. Once I began nursing school, I realized that I loved it! But the truth is, my PASSION has always been the literary arts. English class always came naturally to me, and I received good grades without even trying. Despite all of the persistent nagging from my mother and teachers alike, writing was something I enjoyed, but not something I ever thought of making a career out of. What do parents and teachers know anyway? Right?

Needless to say, I had a daughter, fell head over heels in love with her, and the writing and reading of literature fell to the way side. I mean between school, a toddler, a full time job and showering, where is a girl to find the time to get lost in a good book? The answer is: you make the time. One of my good friends insisted that I read, The Hunger Games, and it was like reuniting with a long lost lover. Reading once again became my addiction. It wasn’t, however, until I read, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, that I realized that this was what I wanted to do. I was so amazed and captivated by the world Cassandra Clare had created that I knew life would not be worth living unless I too, did the same.
But getting a book published means years and years of endless querying, and dozens of rejections, right? Ever the realist, I decided I would finish school, get married, have kids, and maybe by 30, I would write my first novel with the hopes of being published by 40, and being able to sustain myself on a writing career alone by the age of 50! After all, expecting to be traditionally published any sooner was about as promising as my dream of suddenly waking up with silvery white hair and the ability to control the weather. (I was, and still am, a HUGE Xmen fan, and Storm will always hold a warm place in my heart.) After all, they rejected Harry Potter and The Philisopher’s Stone twelve times! That’s right, twelve. I didn’t stand a chance.

Cue, Switched: A Trylle novel, a book I happened to pick up at the local Walmart before I even owned a Kindle or an Amazon account. I happened to read the back cover where it said that the author, Amanda Hocking, had sold 1million copies of the novel by self-publishing it. Wait, what? Self-publishing? What’s that?

And so the saga began….

What is the origin story behind the pursuit of your goal? To find out more about my journey to self-publishing, look for part two, My Journey to Self-Publishing Part 2: Getting Started, which will follow shortly.


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