The Chronicles of an Olympic Juggler

I’ve been blogging for a few weeks now and I realized that I haven’t taken a moment to truly introduce myself. So let’s start over, shall we.

My name is I-Lanaa Twine. I am a 27 year old nurse, student, mother and writer, but the truth is I often feel like an Olympic juggler. (I don’t actually think that’s a category in the Olympic Games, but if I put on ice skates while juggling I think I could qualify for South Korea in 2018!)

I live my life in a constant state of chaos and I am always doing a multitude of things at once. I work at a Pediatric Gastroenterology office close to an hour away from my house and while I enjoy my job, the commute is often tiresome. I am a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and I have been going to school for my Registered Nursing license (RN) for about six years part time. I’m due to finish this Spring 2015. (Hallelujah!) I have a beautiful nine going on nineteen year old daughter who is determined to send me to an early grave swathed in gray hair. And at the end of August 2014, I self-published my first novel, On The Run (The Moriya Chronicles: Book 1).

Now to most people I know I seem very together. I’m always getting compliments on how hardworking, motivated and driven I am, especially after having my daughter at the tender age of 17. However, on most days I feel like I am a certified hot mess. My house is a disaster. I have to fight to get to work on time. Five hours of sleep is a treat. The last time I sat down to watch a television show that wasn’t animated George W. Bush was still President. My “writing career” consists of unintelligible scribbles made on the back of crumbled up paper towels while I attempt to throw together dinner. And at this point I am so over school there are many days where I want to throw my hands up in the air and scream, “Screw it!”

Sometimes it can be downright exhausting! But you know what? That’s life. I have goals that I want to accomplish and that means I have to put in the hard work now so that I can enjoy the benefits later. While my life can be admittedly stressful, the truth is I am extremely lucky. I’ve been blessed with a beautiful, intelligent and healthy child who is filled with laughter and joy. I have a great job that provides me with the opportunity to continue furthering my education. And I’m blessed to be in the position to express myself freely, and write about things I truly enjoy. Although I sometimes feel frustrated and overwhelmed, I try to remind myself every day of all the beautiful things that I have to be thankful for and that there are hundreds of others out there experiencing the very same stress that I am.

So when life gives you lemons serve up some lemon meringue pie. Appreciate both the good times and the bad, because life is a beautiful gift that should never be wasted.
Thanks for getting to know a little bit about me. I would love to get to know you. Feel free to comment and share. Happy Writing and Reading…and Everything in Between 🙂
I-Lanaa Twine


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